Philosophy Story:Pride Clothes Hanger

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A new leader came to the unit and he decided to tidy up the office.  He wants to replace the old clothes rack with a brand-new one because it is really a bit old.  It was partially painted and could not stand.  The new leader got his new clothes rack as he wished, and the old clothes rack was thrown into the warehouse.

Philosophy Story Pride Clothes Hanger

There are so many things in the warehouse.  There are all kinds of benches with broken legs, tables with ground surfaces, desk lamps with paint removed, waste printers, etc.  However, the new clothes rack is very proud. It does not greet anyone but the chair with "50% new" written on the account.  Then it saw the former high-grade sofa in the corner of the warehouse. It is a little old now.  Although they are old, they have style. The clothes rack bent over to greet them: "Dear sofa, how do you do?  I greet you.  Is there any news here, "it said.

The old sofa paid little attention to it, but nodded politely.  "I don't have time to answer the question you want to know now, next time, next time."  The sofa said vaguely.

"What is this tall guy? He is really tall."  The tables and chairs that were silent there began to talk.

The clothes rack doesn't talk, it has its own ideas.  It was once a big shot in the office, sending off one leader after another.  Then it saw the broom standing silently in the corner.  When it was still in the office scenery, the broom stood in the corner and never gave it room. This time it wanted to damage the broken broom.

"Hey, you guy, what are you silent about there, is there nothing left to say?" asked the hanger.  It saw that the broom handle had been crushed by something.

"Silly tall, I was a hard-working representative a few years ago.  If I hadn't been in that office, I really don't know what a mess it would be like, but if I hadn't been careful, my handle would have been broken, and it was my fault. "  Said the broom.

"Ha ha, you are really tall."  The clothes rack laughed at it intentionally.

"I am not tall, but there are many things shorter than me in the warehouse. I am very satisfied with my own height."  Said the broom.

"Ha ha, but iron is not the same as wood, you probably know that" hangers want to hold down brooms.

"Dear clothes rack, you don't forget, we are all wooden things.  This is not the crow said the crow black "warehouse all the items are laughing.

"Things that are also made of wood are also different. I have seen many things. People came to the office of the leader. First of all, they came to greet me.  The first thing the leader did when he came to the office was to greet me.  I can wear many noble clothes. who among you guys has enjoyed such good treatment? "the hanger said proudly, it was angry.

"This is the case during the day, but at night when the leader takes the coat from you and goes off work, what kind of situation are you? Are you naked?" asked the broom.  The objects in the warehouse laughed even more.

From that day on, the warehouse became lively, but the clothes rack was still so proud that it stood there proudly, ignoring everyone.

One day the warehouse door was opened and the sun hurt their eyes.

A man came in with a clothes rack and a broom and went out.  After coming out, he handed the clothes rack and broom to the carpenter.  The carpenter removed the superfluous elements from the clothes rack.  The clothes rack was crying with pain: "If I break down, you stinking carpenters, can you afford to pay for it? I urge you to stop it early so as not to bring yourself great disaster."  But the carpenter seemed to have heard nothing but his business.  The carpenter slightly processed the trunk of the hanger and inserted it into the broom.

After the hangers and brooms came back, the warehouse was once again lively.  They have said that clothes hangers and brooms are a golden partner.  In this way, they can return to work in the office.  The clothes rack that was praised for the first time finally tasted the benefits of cooperation.  It further understood a truth: proud people are always lonely, and only through unity and cooperation can miracles be created in labor.


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