A Philosophy Story: A Chair

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On a rainy afternoon, an old woman walked into a department store in Philadelphia. Most of the counter staff ignored her. A young man came up and asked if she could do anything for her.

A Philosophy Story: A Chair

When she answered that she was only taking shelter from the rain, the young man did not sell anything to her. However, the salesperson did not leave and turned to give her a chair.

After the rain stopped, the old woman thanked the young man and asked him for a business card.

A few months later, the owner of the store received a letter requesting that the young man be sent to Scotland to receive an order to decorate an entire castle.

This letter was written by this old woman, who is the mother of Carnegie, the great American steel magnate.

When the young man packed up for Scotland, he was upgraded to a partner in the department store.

Why has this young man got more development opportunities than others? The main reason is that he paid more attention and courtesy than others.

The truth is:

You can only get it if you give. You have to give as much as you want. The more generous you give, the more generous you will get in return. The more stingy and stingy you give, the less you get. Giving is saving without passbook.


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