A Special Ladder Documentary Story

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Once upon a time, after lights out, the campus is so quiet under the cover of night.  Most of the students had fallen asleep and there was a slight snoring in the dormitory area.  At that time, a figure flashed in the darkness and slipped out of the dormitory.

A Special Ladder Documentary Story

He came to the high wall and looked around warily. Then he looked up. It seemed that he wanted to climb over the wall.  But the wall is too high to even have a place to climb.  What should I do?  After a little thought, he came up with an idea.  I saw him return to the classroom, move out two stools and build a simple "ladder".  Obviously, if a person stands on a "ladder", he can reach for the wall and turn over to the outside with a slight jump.  Outside the wall, close to the wall is a tall old locust tree, which will be much easier to come back.  Looking at this clever "masterpiece", he simply admired himself.

He climbed the "ladder" and easily climbed over the two-meter high wall. He went straight to the Internet cafe near the school and played all night.  At dawn, he guessed that the sky was going to be bright. He walked out of the Internet cafe, slipped into the campus along the old locust tree, and quietly put the stool back into the classroom. All this went unnoticed, and he could not help secretly being proud.

Next, he did the same thing every night.  Online games tempt him, making him like a demon, and he becomes helpless at night. Don't worry about everything, just sit in the Internet bar.  Once, when he climbed the "ladder" to climb the wall, he looked back occasionally.  It doesn't matter this hope, my heart suddenly thumped: the wall is too high and I feel dizzy.  If the stool was removed, it would be bad. If it jumped directly from the wall, it would be strange not to hurt your leg.

You can come to anything you are afraid of.  At dawn that day, when he came back to climb the wall, he gasped in silence: the stool was gone indeed!  His first thought was: broken, discovered!  What should I do?  As the sky was about to brighten, he grasped the wall with both hands and began to reach the ground with both feet.

All of a sudden, at the foot of a pair of soft shoulders.  A pair of hands firmly grasped his ankle, and as his shoulder slowly crouched down, he was firmly placed on the ground. when he stood firm, he looked intently. The dark cry was ominous: this person was none other than his head teacher!  This is not just hitting the muzzle?  Over, over!  He bowed his head ruefully and waited for a storm of yelling.  Next is the whole school in informed criticism, the teacher's cold eyes, the students' contempt, the mother's sorrow, the father's beating and scolding, from now on there is no longer the dignity of self-respect, can only walk with his head down, with his tail between his legs ... These terrible consequences, only for an instant occupied his mind, he couldn't help fear to the fullest.

To my surprise, the two men were silent for more than a minute. the head teacher patted him on the shoulder kindly and said softly, it's getting light. hurry back to the dormitory to get some sleep. don't miss the class!  Say that finish, twist a head to go.

In the following days, the teacher in charge never mentioned this matter again, and every time I saw him, it was as if nothing had ever happened.  This disgraceful wall-climbing incident has become a permanent secret in their hearts!  However, he knew he was wrong and wept several times in remorse.  Since then, whenever he had the desire to play games, the thought of lifting his soft shoulders immediately restrained his spirit and turned to concentrate on reading and studying.

A few years later, he finally realized his dream of college and got into graduate school.  Later, he told people about this matter on many occasions, and his tone was full of deep gratitude.  He said that in those days, I cleverly took two stools and built them into a "ladder" that slipped to depravity, but the teacher in charge removed them in time.  Not only that, but also with another "special ladder" to lift up my life.  It is soft and fleshy to tread on, but it is so firm and powerful. I will never forget that feeling no matter how many years have passed.  This ladder is the emaciated shoulder of the teacher in charge of the class in those days. It is a "ladder" urging me to forge ahead. Along it, I climbed up step by step and finally had today's brilliant life!


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