Life Story:Find Yourself A Stool

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In real life, it is very difficult to have the chance to take a proper seat. God's fingers are often careless. If you always wait, don't act, don't make efforts, you will never sit in the right position for you.

Life Story:Find Yourself A Stool

When traveling, we often have to stand because we don't have a seat. At this time, you might as well ask the flight attendants or look for a stool to sit on. There are always spare seats on the bus. As long as you open your mouth and look for them, you will probably get a stool belonging to you.

On the journey of life, there are not full people everywhere and there is not no suitable place for you. In fact, this position always exists, but it requires you to persevere in finding it. You found it at an appropriate time, and then sat on it, it belongs to you. Otherwise, you will always be a tired waiting passenger.

There is a saying like this: "let the duck swim and let the rabbit run." It means that all things in the world have their own advantages and positions. Born to be a human being, what is most worthy of affirmation is that everything can foster strengths and avoid weaknesses. "Foster strengths and avoid weaknesses" means that one can find one's own position and give full play to one's inherent intelligence. If you are content with the status quo and are afraid of failure, you will always be stuck in a position where you cannot see success. At a literary writers' meeting, a literary teacher said: "The most important thing for an author to succeed or fail is whether he can find himself a stool to sit down on at the right time."

To be sure, in life, no one has nothing to be proud of, no one has something to be proud of. The important thing is that good is not good at discovering its own strengths, good is not good at grasping its own strengths, and good is not good at finding the stool that belongs to itself. It may be pleasant to find a suitable stool and set it for yourself. But more importantly, on the way to success, there is a relaxed life style.


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