Fable Story of Safe Production "Ladder" Story Inspired Sentiment

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There is a story about a ladder standing upright in a corner of a workshop of Qingdao Beer Group due to work needs.  In order to prevent the ladder from tripping and injuring people and the ladder from falling and injuring people, the staff specially wrote a small banner on the ladder.  Please watch the ladder and be safe.  No one took this matter to heart. Several years have passed and no ladder hit anyone.  Some time ago, the foreign party came to discuss cooperation matters and stopped at the ladder for a long time. An expert familiar with Chinese from the foreign party proposed to change the banner to read: "When the ladder is not in use, lean against the wall".

Fable Story of Safe Production "Ladder" Story Inspired Sentiment

This story of "ladders" brings us a feeling: they are all nine words, but their meanings are essentially different, and they are all talking about safety. However, the former is only a reminder, while the latter completely eliminates potential dangers.

Every story about safety is derived from many hidden dangers of accidents. To eliminate accidents, we must focus on investigating and eliminating all hidden dangers of accidents. We must resolutely eradicate all hidden dangers of large and small, identify and control risks, so as to realize the important goal of safety management-intrinsic safety.


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