A Chair and America's Good Neighbor

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This time, we wanna tell you a warming story of " A chair and America's Good Neighbor". Hope you like this story.

A Chair and America's Good Neighbor

“Expend the respect of the aged in one’s family to that of other families; expend the love of the young ones in one’s family to that of other families”is a famous saying left by Mencius, a Confucian representative in the Warring States Period, when describing his ideal society. It is still of great educational significance today.

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the warm hearts of several neighbors have made people feel that there is true love in the world and there is true love in the world.

Harvey Jelf, 95 year-old, has lived in Plymouth, Minnesota, USA, for 66 years. His life has a distinctive color of the times.  Jelf took part in the Second World War and served in anti-aircraft artillery for 33 months, when he was young. In the swirling flames of war, he risked his life to shoot down German planes and defend justice in his heart.

After the war, Jelf returned to the United States and lived a normal life, becoming a middle school student material teacher.  In 1951, he ushered in another turning point in his life, married the beautiful Patricia and established his own home in the quiet Plymouth.

In the following decades, they raised 5 children, 17 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.  Although the family continues to grow, the children all have their own lives and there is no separation between them. It is Jelf and Patricia.

In the fleeting time, Jelf and Patricia are doing the most romantic thing-getting old together.  After retirement, they formed a habit of helping each other to walk around their homes twice a day to become the real "wife".

A few years ago Patricia passed away due to illness. It took a long time for grief-stricken jelf to have the courage to walk out of the house again and set foot on the path with his wife countless times.  As the people who had been with him left, Jelf became very lonely. What was more worrying was that his body was not as good as before.

 "My wife laughed at me a few years ago and said I was an ant. I couldn't sit there quietly and just liked walking.  Now that I am old, I need to stop to catch my breath after walking for a long time before continuing. "  In an interview with ABC, Jelf said the situation did not last long.

Soon, Jelf noticed that a neighbor put a chair in his yard.  After that, two or three ... more and more neighbors moved chairs to the roadside, which they specially prepared for Jelf.  "Up to now, I have 12 chairs."  Jelf said happily that sometimes he would find lemonade and cookies made by his neighbors on his chair.

Tom and Melanie are the first couple to put chairs.  "We noticed that Jelf passed by here twice a day. He walked slowly and there was no place to rest in the whole street, so we put a chair and didn't know when he needed it.  But unexpectedly, he sat down the next day. "

Neighbors' spontaneous behavior also stems from their love for Jelf.  The 71-year-old Tom Herman and Jelf have known each other for 7 years. "He often tells you about his experiences. He remembers the name of the big family. He is a respected person. I think it would be a great honor for me if he sat in my yard."  In Herman's view, Jelf is his model. He insists on walking, takes care of himself and actively faces life.

"It was a wonderful experience."  Jelf is also grateful for the kindness of his neighbors.  "I am looking forward to going out for a walk every day. People know that I am lonely, so I have been taken good care of by accompanying me."


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