Folding and Storing Methods for Various Clothes

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Article 1: Smart Accommodation and Space Grabbing

How to Tidy Up Home and Change Seasons

Folding and Storing Methods for Various Clothes

Smart Storage and Space Grabbing

How to Tidy up Home and Change Seasons

Entering winter, the space of the wardrobe in the home feels small, and squeezing the winter clothes together with the summer clothes will appear crowded. The wardrobe has also entered a chaotic state in which Xia Dong is mixed and stacked, and how to organize the home will not appear very messy.  Today, House Day Store will take you through the methods of changing clothes in autumn and winter.

Part 1: Hide Summer Dresses Summer clothes are thin, you can choose a variety of storage methods, with storage boxes, boxes packed together to place, you can also reserve space for the wardrobe to receive winter clothes.

Storage frame

Summer clothes are made of different materials. T-shirts and cotton shirts suitable for folding can be rolled up, stored and stacked together without taking up too much space.

Storage box under bed The bed with storage function, the design of sliding drawer is also easy for storage of summer clothes, making full use of indoor dead space and improving the utilization rate of space.

Closed storage box

The use of facade space is also the winning rule for small apartment houses. Summer clothes can be stored in different storage boxes according to classification to avoid dust pollution.  Label the storage box for easy searching.

Glass storage wardrobe

When choosing one-piece wardrobe, you can choose the form of drawer+combination cabinet, which can not only store clothes and various daily necessities, get rid of messy feeling, but also create a simple and elegant cloakroom space.

Part 2: Winter Clothing Lights Out Suspension method Winter is dominated by heavy and medium-length clothing, which should be hung in the long-length clothing area.  It will not cause clothes to wrinkle or waste space.

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Classified storage

If there is an independent cloakroom, clothing classification storage should pay more attention to some.  Cashmere sweaters and woolen sweaters should be placed on the upper layer so as not to affect elasticity and softness due to heavy pressure.  Thick down jackets can be hung up, saving more space than folded.  Simple clothes rack It is common to wear a long coat once in winter without washing it. If you change it, it will occupy the foot of your sofa and bed. When you wear it again, it will become wrinkled.  Adding this simple clothes rack at home to store winter clothes and shoes requires only a small space to make the space much neater.

Custom storage cabinet

For many female friends, having a universal wardrobe at home is more important than anything else.  Shoes, skirts, trousers, shirts ... even scarves and socks should have a place in the wardrobe.  However, ordinary wardrobes are often unable to meet the needs of female friends. A single function and layering of the same size is a headache. Customizable wardrobes can not only realize reasonable storage of space, but also greatly improve the utilization rate.

Sweater folding storage Most sweaters are made in autumn and winter, and most of the materials and styles of sweaters can be folded up, which makes the storage much more flexible, and eliminates the need to squeeze into narrow closets with overcoats.

Part 3: small clothing accessories storage Shallow drawer The drawer built in the wardrobe is best in shallow drawer, because the drawer is too deep, and every time you take something, you will disturb the drawer.  Drawers with a depth of no more than 18cm can be filled with two or three sweaters and two shirts, making it easier to take.  Corner wardrobe Is the family size not square enough?  Can make good use of up to do a unique cloakroom, wardrobe according to the family to do embedded and customized, can make perfect use of space.  The whole cloakroom can become different as long as the clothes are classified into different zones and the clothes and accessories are properly arranged.

Bag storage rack

Provide a full range of decoration guide, decoration design knowledge, rich design cases!

Girls have a lot of bags, one on the left and one on the right make the space messy, and the bags will also deform. Such a simple shelf is not only pleasing to the eyes, but also more convenient to choose and match.  Intelligent storage cabinet Intelligent touch chest of drawers is the most convenient for placing small items. It is convenient to touch, arrange and store by category, and has a full sense of technology.

Part 4: summer sandals away, winter shoes on the shelf Storage of shoe cabinet in porch The porch space is small, summer shoes are mixed with winter shoes, which is easy to confuse and inconvenient to go out.  Summer shoes can be stored in pairs in separate bags and put into cabinets, so that the porch can be kept neat and generous in season.  Shoe upper wall decoration and storage When winter comes, summer sandals should be put away.  However, beautiful shoes are pleasing to the eye, and several boards nailed on the wall are also very nice to decorate. The shoe cabinet also increases the storage space.

Shelf storage

If there is enough space, you can find a small space for shoes.  Summer shoes and winter shoes are stored separately, and the shoes are neatly placed on shelves in pairs, which is clear at a glance and convenient and generous.

Part II: A Complete Collection of Skills for Clothing Storage in Cloakroom Collection of knowledge cloakroom clothing collection strategy skills

Guide: cloakroom is a separate space for clothes storage. On the surface, it seems to be much better than wardrobe. There is enough space and different types of storage space. However, if cloakroom is not properly stored, it will only be more and more chaotic and you cannot find what you want. At that time, you will feel that large area is also a worry. The complete collection of skills for cloakroom clothes storage helps you to properly do your homework in cloakroom clothes storage.

Cloakroom clothes storage strategy skill 1: clothes tags distinguish folded clothes, folded clothes are often seen in some colors, roughly can see the material,, in this case, you can put a label on the folding cabinet of clothes, indicating the season of clothes, material and a better match, if you can put a printed small photo of clothes is also a good choice, so you can avoid opening clothes to see the appearance of clothes when choosing.

Cloakroom clothing storage strategy skill 2: clothing color from light to deep, clothing color collocation is a very important skill, clothing from light to deep collocation, let you in the choice of clothing color can be more quickly find suitable for their collocation of clothing color.

Cloakroom clothing storage strategy skill 3: according to the season planning to place clothes, clothes of different seasons can be placed separately, and some clothes that can be worn in all seasons can be placed separately, then only need to replace the hanging clothes when changing seasons, there is no need for a big clean-up in the cloakroom every season.

Cloakroom clothes storage strategy skill 4: long and short hanging clothes are placed separately, cloakroom clothes hanging space is very sufficient, commonly used clothes can be hung up, hanging space is mainly divided into short coat, long coat, and pants.  The height of coat and coat are different, it is better not to mix them together, and the inner coat and coat such as shirt should be separated if possible.

Cloakroom clothing storage strategy skill 5: small storage compartment makes cloakroom neater, storage compartment is an excellent place to place small items, some decorations, or scarves, clothing, socks, these can be placed in storage compartment, small items are most likely to cause cloakroom chaos, a uniform storage compartment can solve this problem.

Household knowledge

Article 3: Folding Clothes Method Encyclopedia of Lazy People Our underwear storage box will become very messy if you are not careful. If you don't arrange your underwear properly, when you need to find her, the storage box will become "messy" like a garbage collection bin.  .  .  Ha ha it doesn't matter!  Below I will introduce some small methods ~ basic collection, different styles have different collection methods.

Come on, let's proceed step by step.

Women's underwear The underpants of the little girl can be folded easily by looking at the picture. It is very simple.

Men's underwear The folding method of boys' underwear is also the same, just a few simple times, it succeeded.  .  .

Trousers (trousers, etc.) fold well without wrinkling!

Ironing the washed trousers, and naturally aligning one of them along the stop line to pave the bed; After the two outer trousers are aligned as above, align the upper half with the lower half of the previously paved trousers; Turn the upper half of the lower pair of trousers up to align with the upper half of the upper pair of trousers; Finally, the lower half of the black trousers can be turned up.

The trousers folded in this way will not have creases due to their mutual folding and buffer radian.  Just put it in the wardrobe and keep it.

T-shirt T-shirt ~ usually the folding method introduced on TV is to use a hard board to fold, here we only need an a4 paper (slightly hard), children's clothes can be folded smaller with a small notebook ~ usually it is easy and convenient.

Auxiliary tools are all things that our family has.  How about this? Do you know this? Try it sometime.

Then put the T-shirt in the cupboard, we can see where it is at a glance, how convenient it is.

If you are in a mood, you can also arrange according to the color system of clothes, so that our wardrobe will have another beautiful scenery.

The cabinet with larger space can be accommodated by some hard boxes.  The rest of the space is arranged according to arrows, which saves more space.


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