Tips for Clothes Arrangement and Storage

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The impression of ordinary people is that foreigners seem to be very good at tidying up clothes. They can often sort out the messy wardrobes, drawers and hangers like the pictures displayed in interior design magazines. They are not only clear at a glance and in an orderly way, but also clearly classified and easy to find.  In fact, it is not difficult to have a wardrobe that is as pleasing as a movie.

Tips for Clothes Arrangement and Storage

First of all, it can take half a day or one day to classify the clothes according to the seasons and clear out the underwear, coat, skirt, trousers and accessories for the show.  The rest of the clothes, which must be hung, should be washed (including working and washing clothes), put on plastic sleeves and hung on the inner side or upper layer of the wardrobe.  Foldable storage (including sweaters, jeans, thick T-shirts and skirts) is folded (to save space) and put into the storage cabinet, empty suitcase or storage room.

The clothes to be worn in the season can be emptied out of the wardrobe, drawers, storage cabinets, chest of drawers, hooks and clothes hangers according to their own equipment, and then put into storage tools in different categories according to the style and use of the clothes.  If the space for hanging is insufficient, you can also consider hanging two long hanging clothes poles or short hanging clothes poles on the lower and middle floors in one corner of the bedroom with the ceiling as the supporting force, and then separating them with sliding doors or cloth curtains, which can not only increase the space for many clothes, but also not damage the visual space in the bedroom.

Generally speaking, the principle of clothing storage is: underwear belongs to underwear, coat to coat, shirt to shirt, pants to pants, skirt to skirt.  Then they are differentiated according to the shape of the clothes.  For example: T-shirts are grouped into a pile, men's shirts into a pile, long skirts are suitable for hanging, short skirts can be folded, and then hot when wearing.  Socks and underwear should be stored in different small drawers.

If you don't need ironing your underwear at home, just fold it neatly and put it in a drawer or chest of drawers.  If you want to wear a T-shirt when you go out, you'd better wash it and iron it. Fold the two sleeves back under the collar (about the size of an unopened men's shirt) by folding the clothes inside the clothing store with the collar as the front, and then neatly store them in a drawer or wardrobe.

Men's and women's shirts are best hung in the wardrobe after ironing.  For the storage of women's suits, it is advisable to hang the skirt inside and the clothes outside, and hang the same suit on the same clothes rack.  Men's suits and women's two-piece underwear or dresses can also be hung on the same clothes rack according to the storage method of the suits, or hung on two clothes racks respectively, but they need to be put together so as to be convenient to find.

No matter what kind of clothes are hung, it is better to hang them in the same direction, which is more neat and not messy.  In addition, clothes with good materials, sequins and hook yarns should not be hung too tightly when hanging, so as to avoid extrusion deformation of clothes, damage and fuzzing of materials, or difficulty in finding them.


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