How to Tidy Up Thick Quilt ?

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How to Tidy Up Thick Quilt ?

How to Tidy Up Thick Quilt

The thick quilts at home, it's time to put them away!

I'll teach you a small way to store it. The next year it will not only be damp, but also taste like sunshine!

Method 1 Add tea powder or steel wire?

Expose quilts to the sun for 2-3 hours, and also expose unused sweaters to the sun.

During storage, fold the quilts first, then cover the quilts with unused old sweaters, and sprinkle some tea dust or tobacco shreds into the quilts to prevent insects and moths.

Then compress the quilt with a compression bag and put it under the bed or at the top of the cabinet where it is not needed, even if it sticks to the ground, it will still be warm when taken out the next year.

Method 2 Old newspapers are damp-proof.

Old newspapers absorb water very well and ink is a natural insect repellent. Using this feature, you can make a moisture-proof artifact with newspapers!

Roll up the newspaper and stick it tightly with double-sided tape to make several paper tubes.

Tie the two ropes to the two ends of the hanger respectively.

Put the newspaper tube in, tie the knot, and tie all the paper tubes in turn. This is an excellent moisture-proof artifact.

Hang the newspaper tube in the wardrobe, you will not be afraid of thick quilt and clothes being affected with damp.


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