How to Tidy Up A Down Jacket?

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How to Tidy Up A Down Jacket?

How to Tidy Up A Down Jacket

Down jacket is not only bulky and takes up a lot of space to store, but if not properly stored, it will not only cause color change, yellowing and other problems, but also cause feather hardening, greatly affecting the wearing effect and warmth retention in the second year.

So, how to accommodate the down jacket?

Method 1 Short down jacket storage

Step 1: Fold the short down jacket in half from the middle and place the sleeves on both sides.

Step 2: Roll up the down jacket from bottom to top and fix it with a hat.

Step 3:Tuck the rolled down jacket into the clothes storage bag, it is only the size of a water cup, and you can put it anywhere!

Method 2 Long down jacket storage?

Step 1: Button up the down jacket, and then press out the gas in the down jacket while buttoning the down jacket to the middle to form a 40% discount.  Fix the sleeve in the middle of the down jacket.

Step 2: Fold the down jacket down from the bottom and fold it three times.

Step 3: The folded down jacket can be fixed with a hat. By this time, the down jacket is much smaller.

Step 4: Use your knees to continuously squeeze out the gas in the down jacket, and put the down jacket into a compression bag or a sealed bag for storage.

However, the gas in the compression bag should not be completely drained to avoid feather hardening of the down jacket.


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