How to Tidy Up Sweater and Jeans?

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How to Tidy Up Sweater and Jeans?

How to Tidy Up Sweater and Jeans

Girls wear the most, and the number of pieces is the largest. It must be sweaters. 

Each piece of clothing has its own small chic, the price is not expensive, bought and bought, unconsciously piled into a mountain.

The skill of folding sweaters is also extremely simple, it can be easily folded into bean curd pieces, and it won't come loose at all. why don't you try it later?

Square method

Step 1:Turn up the bottom of the sweater.

Step 2: Cross the sleeves of the sweater in the middle and fold it in three sections along the neckline.

Step 3:Fold the sweater in half twice, then turn the bottom of the sweater over to wrap the place where the sweater is folded in half.

Step 4:Such jerry-built sweaters can not only be pulled out without falling down, but also occupy a very small area. A small horizontal cabinet can hold 20 sweaters!


Jeans In winter, I usually wear all kinds of jeans.  

However, the colors of jeans popular in winter are dark. Of course, they need to be changed in spring.  

So how is jeans most convenient to receive?

Square method ?  

Step 1:Fold the legs of the jeans and roll them up from top to bottom.

Step 2:Turn over the folded jeans legs and cover the whole jeans.

Accommodation is complete!  

Not only does it not come loose and easy to take, it also takes up 3 times less space than just folding!

Step 3:Whether it is jeans, leggings, casual pants, thick pants and thin pants, it can be handled in this way, simple and convenient!


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