A Stool can Help You Exercise the Whole Body

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Exercise can reduce the risk of "three highs", control obesity and is of great benefit to the heart, but many people suffer from the lack of professional equipment.  Machiavelli, an associate professor of kinematics at the University of Florida in the United States, has summed up a set of "stool exercises" that require only one stool to exercise the whole body.

A Stool can Help You Exercise the Whole Body

Warm-up exercise: Stand with your legs apart, grab the back of the stool, keep your right leg straight, lift it slowly, lift it slightly below your hips as far as possible, then slowly recover, repeat for 30 seconds, and then do it with the other leg.

Flexion and extension of both arms: Sit at the edge of the stool, hold down the corner of the stool with both hands to support the body, slide the buttocks away from the stool surface, bend the elbows until the lower body slides below the stool surface, then lift the body until both arms are straight, and repeat for 1 minute.

Bend your knees and squat down: Sit back in the stool and then stand up with your feet spread shoulder-to-shoulder and your toes pointing out.  Squat down with your hands akimbo, as if you want to sit back in the stool with your hips suspended for a moment, then stand up and do it several times more, but do as much as you can.

Abdominal twisting exercise: sit at the edge of the stool with your back straight, your hands clasped to your head, lift your left leg, turn left to your upper body until your right elbow is parallel to your left knee, then relax and recover, and change sides.  Turn left and right alternately for about 1 minute.


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