How to Tidy Up Shirt,Cashmere Sweater and Cashmere Coat?

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How to Tidy Up Shirt,Cashmere Sweater and Cashmere Coat?

How to Tidy Up Shirt,Cashmere Sweater and Cashmere Coat

Step 1: Place a book behind the shirt, then fold the shoulders and sleeves as shown.

Step 2: Fold the shirt in half along the edge of the book.

Step 3: Pull the book out from behind the collar of the shirt.

Step 4: Fold the shirts neatly together!

Cashmere sweater

Cashmere sweater is beautiful and delicate, but it is warm and comfortable. I believe you also have one.

Square method

Step 1:Fold the cashmere sweater in half from the middle.  

Then put the clothes rack upside down at the armpit and put the sleeve and main body of the sweater on the clothes rack in this way.

Step 2:Hang the clothes rack in a dry wardrobe away from the sun, and then put some camphor balls on it.

Special tip: woolen sweaters and cashmere sweaters should be thoroughly washed and then stored even if they are worn only once.  

Because wool is easily corroded, clothes will be greatly damaged if you stay with human sweat for a spring or summer.

Cashmere coat

Cashmere overcoats should be stored in a cool place to prevent deformation.  If there is not enough space and folding is needed, special attention should be paid to the folding technique and dustproof and moistureproof treatment.

Method 1 Strengthening clothes hangers to prevent deformation?

Fold the two hangers together and tape them up.

As long as the length supported by the two hangers is the same as the width of the two shoulders of the coat, the coat will not deform when hung.

Method 2 Use shopping bags to prevent dust?

Shopping bags for clothes can be used as dust shields, and whoever uses them will say so!  Fold the sleeves across each other.

Put the clothes rack into the collar and divide the clothes into three halves.

Put the clothes directly into the bag. The hook passes through the handle of the shopping bag and hangs in the wardrobe. It is difficult for dust to get close.

Method 3 Dust bag storage?

Put the cashmere coat on the dust cover, put a little tea powder or camphor ball in it, and hang it in the wardrobe.


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