Velvet Hangers in the Closet – Before and After

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I’m sharing with you velvet hangers' pros and cons. I love these hangers because of how much room it allows me to have with all my clothes!

Okay, January is the month of purging and organization for almost everyone. For me personally, I need all the organization and systematic processes for home management that I can get! Having things in order just makes me a happier momma.

One of my coworkers told me that she organized her closets by color, ROYGBIV style. She had no kids at the time. I told her this momma had no time for that business. She said, and I QUOTE, “Don’t use your kids as an excuse!” (She then backed out on it partially once the baby came.)

I kinda loved and hated her for saying that. It kinda made me want to prove something. I didn’t know what exactly. So I decided to organize my closet to prove to myself that I could get organized with three crazy kids running around.

Note I said organize, not purge. I’ll be honest – I think I’m a closet hoarder (see what I did there, pun intended). I keep almost everything because I’m reminded of how much I spent on it each time I go to throw away or give away something. Purging is for another blog post.

First Step to Adding More Space to Your Closet

My first step was to figure out how I could get more clothes in my space (and then ROYGBIV it). 

Here’s the before image of my section of the closet. Notice all of the plastic hangers mixed with wire hangers. My first step in organizing my closet is at least getting the same hangers. I read a few reviews on getting the tan hangers versus the black ones. Some of the reviews stated the black ones stained beige, white and khaki clothing. I honestly have been using them for over a year now, and I have not had any stains using the black ones! The tan ones are about 25% more expensive.

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