Best Christmas Gifts 2019 - TOP 18 for Girls

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Here we go, here we go!  Today is the third day before Christmas. Are the basin friends who haven't prepared presents flustered?  The thoughtful little Mr. Gift helped everyone sort out the best popular Christmas gifts for 2019!  We have already sorted out the prices for everyone. All you have to do is close your eyes and choose the gifts within your budget.

  1. candylab candy gift box

Handmade sliced candy brings back childhood memories one second. Candy tastes good. What is even more surprising is that the packaging of "interesting" Christmas greeting cards is full of ritual feeling. Candy with Christmas tree on the cross section is lime flavor. Elk stands for mango flavor and Santa Claus is strawberry flavor. Mixed in transparent test tubes, it is full of colorful festive flavor. Chewing a sweet mouth, the heart is also sweet.

candylab candy gift box


  1. The marmot christmas blind box

Come and open the blind box, let you feel different excitement!  Marmots are really cute. The 6 Christmas-limited styles really don't look too good!  Christmas presents this marmot Christmas blind box series to his girlfriend, full marks of surprise make love more interesting ~

The marmot christmas blind box


  1. Gillian Belgium Imports Golden Shell Chocolate Gift Box

The famous Gillian chocolate is believed to be one of your chocolate choices!  This time, Gillian's Christmas special golden bell chocolate gift box is introduced. Its unique shape, chocolate shell shape implies good wishes, and classic secret recipe making will give you a double surprise of vision and taste.

Gillian Belgium Imports Golden Shell Chocolate Gift Box


  1. Life Fragrance Hand Cream Christmas Gift Box

The hand cream is believed to be good for many girls, with high color value, moist, fresh and not sticky.  This 2019 Christmas limited edition Life Fragrance Hand Cream Set has introduced three new types of flower and fruit fragrance, peach and honey, little shyness and hydrangea, quiet pine forest, pleasant fragrance, lasting fragrance, rich vitamin E, forming a protective film for dry skin and protecting hands at all times

Life Fragrance Hand Cream Christmas Gift Box


  1. Christmas Gingerbread House

Gingerbread man really has a festive atmosphere. Christmas is coming. Give your girlfriend a gingerbread house so that you can spend the warm winter together.  This suit has super complete supporting materials, you can do diy cabins according to your own ideas, and you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you finish it.

Christmas Gingerbread House


  1. Christmas Chocolate Gift Box

Chocolate! Chocolate!  Speaking of how little chocolate is available for Christmas, give your girlfriend a Christmas chocolate gift box to make the festive atmosphere more intense and delicious.  There are many kinds of chocolates with different shapes in the gift box, and every moment you eat them in your mouth is a different surprise .

Christmas Chocolate Gift Box


  1. Christmas limited lamb

This year's hottest ins lamb!  I believe everyone has seen many famous expression packs of it!  No one loves sunglasses.  Modeling is a feeling of shame, with two lovely blushes on the face and a cool lamb in pixel glasses!  Bunnies by the bay is a brand exclusively used by babies in the United States. Needless to say, the whole doll still carries milk fragrance.  It is definitely the girl who receives the hand and must send at least 9 pictures of gifts from friends circle!

Christmas limited lamb


  1. Atomic black glue retro small stereo

I like listening to music at ordinary times. If I want to make the listening effect better, I might as well try connecting the wireless Bluetooth speaker with my mobile phone.  The appearance of the vinyl recording machine is full of artistic and retro temperament, giving it to her girlfriend is beyond her expectation ~ moreover, the bluetooth speaker is small and compact, which can be carried around and bring wonderful music at any time.

Atomic black glue retro small stereo


  1. Wool scarf

The ever-lasting classic large checkered English scarf is a versatile piece that can make TA kink look like a warm winter!  This 190cm long and 50cm wide shawl scarf is woven from selected fine wool. It is thick, fluffy, soft to the touch and has a perfect thermal insulation effect.  The combination of similar colors makes the scarf soft, simple and generous, and can be given to both boys and girls.

Wool scarf


  1. Portable rechargeable hand warmer gift box

It is a charging treasure ( power bank) , a nightlight, and a warm hand artifact in winter!  The round shape of the bear just fits the palm of the hand, holding it for two seconds to feel warm.  At night it can become a warm nightlight to accompany.  Small size can be stuffed into winter coat pockets. Such a practical gift is for TA to carry around, warm his hands and recharge his mobile phone. It cannot be more convenient.

Portable rechargeable hand warmer gift box


  1. Heat preservation cup mat

Including mugs, spoons, thermostatic coasters, data cables, full functions and small and convenient.  The coaster uses polyester electrothermal film heating technology, the constant temperature of 55°C is more uniform, and it is also possible to match with other mugs.  A nice gift to warm your heart to those who care, and say bye bye to cold water thoroughly.

Heat preservation cup mat


  1. Heating scarf

This winter's warmest black technology gift is beautiful and practical!  This heating scarf has a total of 3 adjustable temperatures, up to 55 degrees, which can adapt to different weather.  And innovatively, the whole scarf can be thrown into the washing machine for washing, which is relatively simple to maintain.  Of course, there are also things couples care about most. Yes, it has men's and women's styles, which can be used as scarves for couples!

Heating scarf


  1. Crabtree hand cream 3-gift box

Is hand cream only for L'OCCITANE?  Try crabtree quickly!  Only after using it can I know that it is like opening the door to the field of hand cream.  As a royal brand, Madonna and First Lady Laura Bush are all loyal fans of the brand, which always insists on not using artificial fragrance or chemical ingredients as additives.  This suit is made of 3 pieces, with different fragrance and efficacy, and the texture can be moistened and applied immediately.  Gifts for personal use are both appropriate!

Crabtree hand cream 3-gift box


  1. Hourglass Christmas Limit Cigarette Tube Lipstick

The recommended Hourglass Christmas cigarette tube lipstick is definitely worth a try. There are two sets of boxes, and 310 soft coins can be grabbed during the Black Friday period. It's really a good time to sleep and laugh!  The rich rose berry color system is sweet and gentle, which helps the Christmas atmosphere. The fresh maple leaf tomato color system has a dynamic temperament. If you play with the texture of autumn and winter, you will be beautiful.

 Hourglass Christmas Limit Cigarette Tube Lipstick

  1. L'OCCITANE Winter Market Christmas Gift Box

When it comes to body care, you cannot ignore L'OCCITANE. The newly launched L'OCCITANE Winter Fair moistens Christmas gift boxes all over and brings the classics to their fullest.  From hand cream, hair care, shower gel to body lotion, European classic collections are light, delicate and easy to carry. Goddess who often travels on business should start quickly.

L'OCCITANE Winter Market Christmas Gift Box


  1. GivenchyMini 4 Pack Lipstick Gift Box

This is one of the best Christmas gifts of 2019 in the heart of Mr. Gift !  Why? Because this Christmas limited gift box is really too good for girls' hearts. The price/performance ratio is too high!  485 can receive lipstick gift box containing 4 Givenchy lambskin hot color numbers.  The girl can't help giving a big kiss after receiving it!

GivenchyMini 4 Pack Lipstick Gift Box


  1. Wireless Retro Bluetooth Speaker

The high-color black technology presents. This wireless retro bluetooth speaker to everyone's hands. you can say it is a mini computer, a street machine, an alarm clock, a bluetooth sound, an interesting pixel drawing board. the function changes to unbelievable. it can be a small assistant in your daily life, or a good partner to relieve boredom.  Appearance is really awesome. It is very pleasing to the eyes just to put it on the table. It is simply too much love!

Wireless Retro Bluetooth Speaker


  1. Swarovski necklace

Scorpio's people all have clear love and hate, either they don't love or they love for life.  This SWAROVSKI necklace means "to be moved by only one person in one's life". the suspended crystal moves between your chest, just like the heartache when you first met each other, to express your love to Scorpio goddess.

Swarovski necklace


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