Introduction of Common Wood for Wooden Clothes Hangers

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At present, the main wood hangers made in China are lotus, maple and pine.  In addition, other raw materials include German beech (ward), imported US technology teak (common teak), US technology black peach (spade wooden), Indonesian white wood and eucalyptus.

Introduction of Common Wood for Wooden Clothes Hangers

The following is an introduction to three kinds of wood commonly used in the production of wooden hangers.

1)Schima superba

Lotus is an evergreen tree, also known as Schima superba.  The height of the tree can reach 30 meters and the diameter can reach 1 meter.  Bark dark brown, longitudinal crack.  Branchlets dark gray.  The lenticels are obvious.  Leaves leathery, alternate, elliptic, glabrous, margin dentate.  The flowering period is from May to July, and the flowers are white and bisexual.  Capsule woody, oblate, about 1.5 cm in diameter.  The seeds are flat, kidney-shaped, with wings on the edges, and mature in October to November.  As wood, holly has a fine texture and a fine structure.  Drying tends to warp.  However, the section is smooth and the paint and adhesive properties are good.  In China, it is mainly distributed in Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, Anhui, Guangdong and Guangxi.


Beech belongs to Ulmaceae, deciduous tree, with a high number of zhangs, hard bark and grayish brown color.  Leaves serrate, slightly thin.  Flowers pale yellow in spring, unisexual, monoecious.  After flowering, it bears small fruits, slightly triangular.  Beech wood is produced in the south of our country and is called south elm in the north.  This wood is hard and has beautiful texture, which can be used for building and utensils.  Beech wood is not luxurious wood, but it is widely used in traditional furniture of Ming and Qing dynasties.  Some beech trees have large patterns of natural beauty, and their colors are like rosewood.  Its old age and red wood, especially called blood beech.  Senhe clothes rack is made of superior imported beech wood for various high-grade clothes racks.


Also known as Liquidambar formosana, Ye Feng, and Acer palmatum, it belongs to Aceraceae and Acer genus.  In our country, it is mainly produced from the south of Huaihai River to Taiwan.  Maple trees in North America and Canada are very famous.  Its bark is smooth and gray in young age, with prominent lenticels, dark gray and rough in old age.  The distinction between heartwood and sapwood is not obvious, and the wood is grayish brown to grayish reddish brown.  The annual rings are not obvious.  Maple is not corrosion-resistant, but its paint performance is good and its adhesive performance is good. Maple is widely used in daily supplies, especially wood floors.

In addition, in recent years, many manufacturers in Lipu County, the capital of China's wooden hangers, have started to use eucalyptus wood as wooden hangers, but it has poor mastic properties and is easy to take off paint.


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