Safety Management Regulations for Ladder Use

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Safety Management Regulations for Ladder Use

Here we wanna write about "Safety Management Regulations for Use of Mobile Ladders".

1.Purpose Ensure the safety of operators when using ladders.

2 Scope of application. It is applicable to the management and use of mobile ladders in the production and business premises of House Day Store.

3 Definition

3.1 Mobile Steel Straight Ladder It refers to a portable steel ladder with a fixed length that cannot be independently supported.  It consists of ladder beams and pedals.

3.2 Mobile Aluminum Alloy Folding Ladder It consists of two aluminum alloy single ladders connected by hinges, and the aluminum alloy ladders can be independently supported after the bottom ends are unfolded.  It consists of ladder beam, pedal, stay bar, hinge, ladder foot and other parts.

3.3 Two Aluminum Alloy Tensile Ladders It is composed of two aluminum alloy single ladders which are connected by a locking device and can be lifted up and down, but cannot be independently supported.  It consists of ladder beam, pedal, ladder foot, locking device, pulley, rope, top ladder, bottom ladder and other parts.

4 Responsibilities

4.1 The ladder storage unit shall be responsible for the daily maintenance of the mobile ladder, and shall be responsible for checking and labeling the mobile ladder as qualified every quarter.

4.2 ladder users shall be responsible for checking the good condition of the ladder before using the mobile ladder, and the ladder shall be labeled as qualified.

5 working procedures

5.1 Requirements for Safe Use

5.1.1 Mobile ladders are suitable for short-term work with a height below 4m.  Ladders shall be specially assigned to be responsible for, safekeeping, maintenance and repair, and shall be inspected and labeled as qualified before use.

5.1.2 It is forbidden to use mobile ladders when working in the adjacent area of the device.

5.1.3 Mobile ladder operation shall not be carried out by a single person, but must be supervised and supported by a special person.  Operators must fasten safety belts.

5.1.4 It is strictly prohibited for two people to work on the same ladder. No one is allowed to stand at the top two gears of the ladder.

5.1.5 Operators shall not stand at the top of the ladder and shall not lean outward.

5.1.6 When in use, the ladder must be placed firmly with an angle of 60 ~ 70 with the ground.  The top end of the ladder shall be firmly fastened to buildings and structures, and the bottom end shall be placed on a firm base.  When used on soft ground, anti-sinking and anti-roll measures should be taken.

5.1.7 When used on concrete ground, hard and smooth ground and steel plate, the ladder feet shall have rubber sleeves or anti-skid pads.

5.1.8 ladders shall not be erected on supports that are easy to slide or unstable.  It is not allowed to be fixed on the process pipeline.

5.1.9 If there is someone on the ladder, it is forbidden to move the ladder.

5.1.10 When using ladders, overload operation is strictly prohibited.

5.1.11 Guardians or temporary guardrails shall be set up when using ladders on the passageway.  When using in front of the door, there should be measures to prevent the door from opening suddenly.

5.1.12 When a ladder is used near a rotating machine, temporary protective isolation facilities shall be provided between the ladder and the rotating part of the machine.

5.1.13 When getting up and down the ladder, the face should face inward. It is strictly prohibited to get up and down with tools or equipment in hand.  Tool bags should be prepared for working on ladders.

5.2 Protection and Maintenance

5.2.1 ladders shall be kept, maintained and repaired by specially assigned persons, and shall be inspected before use.

5.2.2 After the work is finished, the movable ladder shall be stored in time.

5.2.3 The contaminated parts can be cleaned with neutral solvents such as soapy water.

5.2.4 The storage place of mobile ladder shall be dry and ventilated, and shall not be exposed to strong acid or alkali.

5.2.5 For mobile ladders that are frequently used, visual inspection shall be carried out frequently. Any abnormality found shall be replaced or scrapped immediately.


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