Making Steps of Paper Cup Bunny

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Making Steps of Paper Cup Bunny

DIY Making Steps:

1. Turn the paper cup upside down on the table and wrap a layer of pink paper on the outside of the paper cup.
2. Cut out rabbit's big ears with yellow cardboard, and cut out ears smaller than yellow with paper cardboard and stick them together.
3. Cut out the beard and eyes one by one with cardboard, stick them to the corresponding positions, and then draw out the eyes, nose and mouth with colored strokes.
4. Stick the prepared rabbit ears to the top, and the rabbit is finished.

Making Steps of Paper Cup Bunny

Paper cup handmade rabbit material preparation: paper cup, red, yellow, black colored paper, scissors, glue stick.

Kindergarten handmade paper cup yellow earring rabbit production process:

1. Cut the prepared red and yellow colored paper into rabbit's ear shape. The red paper is larger than the yellow paper.

2. Glue yellow paper ears and red paper ears together with glue sticks;

3. Cut out eyes, beard and small mouth in the same way.

4. Glue these small parts to the prepared paper cups with glue sticks; Through the above steps, the cute little rabbit is ready.

In the process of making rabbits, children must use scissors carefully and pay attention to cutting according to their own understanding of the rabbit image.


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