Open Their Jewelry Boxes

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They either have world-renowned beauty, or are gifted with extraordinary talents, or have a proud personality and style that lasts forever … Just like the classic stories created by these legendary women, there are also the shining jewels they loved in Ceng Zhi, like magnificent stars, which radiate eternal light in the vast space of time .

Open Their Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry is the best spokesperson for women, and women's stories give jewelry life. Today, although Fanghua is not here, the jewelry boxes of these legendary women are opened, and pieces of jewelry shining with serenity and luster are still slowly telling us about their glory and loneliness, beauty and sadness ...


"Apart from my husband, my favorite thing in the world is jewelry." -Duchess of Windsor

When King Edward VIII of England met Wallis, an American woman with a commoner background and two divorces, he wrote a thrilling love song like a flint that rewrites history. Edward resolutely gave up the throne, leaving behind a good saying that he did not love the beauty of the country.

The legendary Duke and Duchess of Windsor have made a great contribution to the history of modern jewelry design and sponsorship. Most of their jewelry was made by top European designers at that time, and almost every design involved two people in person. The delicate duke of windsor often engraves his affectionate confession to his wife on jewelry, which has witnessed the touching love of the duke and his wife all the way. For example, the 19.77-carat Cartier emerald engagement ring set in platinum by the Duke and Duchess is engraved with a declaration meaning persistence and no regrets-"Now, We are ours now at last". However, a bracelet with round cut diamonds and its inscription became the best footnote to this love. This bracelet is hung with nine cross inlaid with aquamarines, tourmalines and baguette diamonds of the same specifications. The back of each cross is engraved with the private inscriptions of two people, representing the important moments they experienced together from 1933 to 1944.

Among many jewelry brands, the couple especially loved Cartier. The romantic Duke of Windsor once gave 57 Cartier jewels to Mrs. Windsor. Among the considerable Cartier jewelry collection of the Duchess of Windsor, the most distinctive is the jewelry collection with animal shapes including cheetahs, tigers and various birds. One of them was a flamingo brooch designed by Jeanne Toussaint, senior jewelry design director of Cartier in 1940. It is decorated with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topaz and diamonds. It is dazzling and its slender feet can swing back and forth, which is very unique. Another leopard brooch specially made for the Duchess shows Raleigh's courageous character-a colorful leopard made of numerous colored diamond's complicated inlays sitting lifelike on a 152.35-carat "Kashmir Sapphire". After that, countless Cartier pieces, represented by cheetah brooches, became classics along with this epic love.

Sexy goddess

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend."
-Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe blurted out in a song "Diamond is a woman's best friend": "Only diamond is a woman's best friend ... Men are always unreliable, women always grow old, and beauty is not equal to the sword of time. But no matter cutting or polishing, these elves will never fade. " This song describes women's love for diamonds to the fullest extent, while Monroe makes women's desire for jewelry thoroughly but endearing.

Monroe, who always shows herself as a sexy goddess with a pearly luster, is rich and full of beauty, and always complements all kinds of jewelry. She wore a pear-shaped diamond pendant in the film How to to marry a millionaire. Wearing a pair of single diamond earrings in "Ms. Criss"

The most famous jewelry she has ever worn is the pear-shaped yellow diamond "Baroda Moon" that she has always worn during the promotion of "Gentleman Loves Beauty". The 24.04-carat yellow diamond was found in Baroda, India. It was handed down to Queen Maria Teresa of Austria 500 years later by the Gaekwade royal family. In the 1940s, it was sold to Mayer Jewelry Company in the United States and lent to Monroe by its owner rosenbaum. Monroe once wore this legendary giant diamond to the premiere of "Gentleman Who Loves Beauty".

Ironically, the most popular Hollywood movie star wore jewelry on many important occasions on loan from a jewelry company. There are only two truly high-quality jewelry that she has in her life, both of which were presented by her second husband, joe dimaggio. DiMaggio played for the Yankees for 15 years and was the most famous baseball player in the United States at that time. In 1954, DiMaggio gave Monroe an eternal diamond ring at the wedding. The diamond ring was made of platinum with 35 baguette-cut diamonds. In 1999, the ring, which lost a diamond, was auctioned for 772,500 US dollars. The other was a 16-inch Mikimoto classic kiss neck necklace given to Monroe by Dimaggio on her honeymoon in Japan. The necklace was made up of 44 Akoya pearls with the same size, round rules and round color. Known as the "King of Pearl", Mikimoto is the royal jewelry shop of the Japanese royal family and also provides a crown for many European royal families.

Monroe in the movie regards jewelry as her bosom friend and mumbles "marry a millionaire" in a sexy and charming voice. In real life, all the men around her, from baseball heroes to intellectual screenwriters, can give her the marriage life she yearns for, but the jewelry she once wore is still a certificate of the brilliance of this brilliant star.

Luxe Factory

"We should look at jewelry with an innocent and pure eye, just like sitting on a speeding car and catching a glimpse of apple blossom by the roadside." -coco chanel

In 1999, Time magazine named the 20 most influential artists in the past 100 years, of which Coco Chanel came in second. "She has no parliament or territory, but she rules more permanently than any politician. Every decision she makes transcends national boundaries and has legal effects in the world."

Chanel is not a follower of fashion but a producer for jewelry. He is not only the bearer of beauty, but also the creator. In terms of taste alone, the average star and Shu Yuan are naturally beyond reach. As Chanel said when she refused to propose to Duke Westminster, "There are many duchesses on earth, but there is only one coco chanel."

Chanel believes jewelry is a necessity for women. She often wears jewelry of her own design to and from various high-end social occasions in Paris. She even wears a ring of her own design when drawing design drawings and cutting clothes. She believes that "the simple exterior of a masterpiece is undoubtedly the best proof of its elegant interior", so the pearl with simple shape and restrained color is undoubtedly the ideal material to realize this concept. A single pearl earring, a multi-layer long string of pearl necklaces, and a soft tweed suit will show your mature and elegant temperament. When Chanel appeared in Bazzar magazine in the 1920s in the world wearing pearls from her Russian noble lover, she was praised as "creating the most important expensive and simple style today". A little white and black dress on her neck almost became Chanel's most classic symbolic costume.

Referring to Chanel's jewelry, we have to mention that in 1932 Chanel held the first high-level jewelry exhibition called "Bijoux de Diamants" in her private residence at 29 St. Honnore Street in Paris. In that luxurious house with tall French windows, Chinese lacquer wood screens, baroque mirrors and crystal chandeliers, gorgeous lights, crystal and mirror refractions make the light of diamonds infinitely magnified. "I chose diamonds because they contain the greatest value in the smallest volume." her preference for diamonds blends seamlessly with her aesthetic view of "simplicity is beauty."

Chanel, who has always disdained to stick to conventions, once played a role in creating history in jewelry fashion. She changed people's concept of defining jewelry value and the method of wearing it. "Don't be real, just be shocking," Chanel boldly used artificial jewelry to create the best visual effect, thus setting off the fashion trend of artificial jewelry. In her hands, the jewelry design has become flexible and graceful, and can freely change a variety of wearing styles with her mood. A necklace can shine on her neck, or it can instantly become three bracelets and a brooch.

When it comes to the relationship between the fashion queen and jewelry, it is in response to her famous saying that "fashion is perishable and style lasts forever."

Witness romance

"The importance of these jewels is reflected in emotion and spirit. I know that I want to share my collection with others, so that they can also get some of the joy and excitement these beautiful creations have brought me. I hope their elegant demeanor and magic can be passed on to others, and loved but not possessed, because we are all just temporary caretakers of beauty. " -elizabeth taylor

When it comes to the relationship between women and jewelry, it is always impossible to avoid the beloved of God-elizabeth taylor, the most Hollywood figure in the history of American movies.

The legendary woman's splendid life is always accompanied by glittering jewelry. Taylor once said that the first thing she saw when she was born was the wedding ring on her mother's hand. From the moment she came to the world, the world's top beauty began to be crazy about jewelry. Taylor's beauty is plump, sexy and showy. Only those gorgeous, dazzling and gigantic top jewelry can stand out from this peerless beauty. Taylor left behind one of the world's most beautiful and priceless private jewelry collections after his death. Among them are the 33-carat Krupp Diamond, the diamond brooch of the Duchess of Windsor, the emerald of the Russian Princess, the Rapa Regelien Pearl, and the famous 69.42-carat pear-shaped Burton-Taylor Diamond.

Each piece of jewelry Taylor collected has its own unique meaning. These jewelry are witnesses of his life's emotion and career. Her romantic and rich love life is undoubtedly the best annotation of these jewels. Taylor's fourth husband Eddie Fisher said: "A diamond worth 50,000 US dollars can keep Gentelle happy for about 4 days". A considerable amount of Taylor's peerless jewelry comes from the gifts of his loved ones, of which the most famous is the Burton-Taylor diamond. Burton to win Taylor's favor, on her 40th birthday, bought this beautiful diamond for her for 1.069 million US dollars. Later, in memory of their love, the diamond was named "Burton-Taylor Diamond". Sadly, diamonds still exist today, but Burton and Taylor's love myth has long been shattered in the farce of two marriages and two divorces.

Unlike Burton's complicated love-hate entanglements, famous Hollywood producer michael todd is Taylor's most beautiful memory among her seven husbands. Taylor once recalled: "He is so generous and considerate to me. I can feel deeply protected and loved by him." In order to express his love, Burton once gave Taylor an antique diamond crown as a gift, just to express the loving praise: "you are my queen, I think you should have a crown." Romantic Todd never gave up any chance to create surprises. One day, while they were swimming in the villa of Saint Jean Cappella in France, Todd suddenly took out three Cartier jewelry boxes with a set of gorgeous ruby jewelry inside. She recalled: "I cried with joy, holding Michael and pulling him into the pool." Todd expressed his deep love for Taylor with his generous gift. However, unfortunately Todd was finally killed in a plane crash. Their sweet years lasted only 13 months. Only the jewels with graceful luster solidified the deep love.


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