What Are The Commonly Used Jewelry Packages Made of Different Materials?

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With the booming sales of jewelry and jewelry, the development of jewelry boxes is further promoted, the design of jewelry boxes is updated, and new materials for jewelry boxes are developed, constantly appearing. Let the jewelry box become a beautiful handicraft and increase the sales volume of jewelry products.

Nowadays, jewelry boxes with various shapes appear in everyone's view. What are the commonly used jewelry packages made of different materials?

What Are The Commonly Used Jewelry Packages Made of Different Materials

First, the middle-end rubber embryo jewelry box: a few days ago, more and more people on the market are generally made of rubber embryo. The outer bread is covered with a layer of leather-filled paper, which is generally imported from abroad. This kind of box is relatively cheap, and there are many in general silver jewelry shops.

Second, flocking jewelry boxes: flocking boxes are made of plastic as the main structure, flocking on the surface, look: it is more beautiful and lighter. Flocking boxes are more upscale than paper boxes. This is also commonly used for silver ornaments, gold, etc.

Third, Gum Jewelry Boxes: The blank is made of plastic and is covered with paper or PU leather. This kind of packaging looks upscale and does not cost too much. It is often selected by some middle-end customers.

Fourth, wooden jewelry boxes: Solid wood jewelry boxes are used for relatively high-end jewelry packaging. Generally, solid wood is used as the main material and painted. Many enterprises export these solid wood jewelry boxes to foreign countries. The batch size is not large, but the production cycle is long and the price is expensive.

The appearance of jewelry packaging is to protect jewelry of various materials, to maintain the lasting appearance of jewelry as new, and to prevent the corrosion and abrasion of the surface of jewelry by dust and particles in the air. Therefore, jewelry boxes need to consider all kinds of jewelry not only in design but also in material selection.

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