What Kind of Clothes Hanger Is Good for Balcony?

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Drying clothes is a must for every family, and drying racks have become a necessity for every family. What kind of drying racks should be used on the balcony?  Which is better, fixed type, lifting type, telescopic type or floor type?  Next, the editor will take you to know more about it.

What Kind of Clothes Hanger Is Good for Balcony?

First, fixed clothes hanger:

Advantages: strong, durable, cheap, easy to install, no need for holes for clothes drying, size as desired, convenient to customize.

Disadvantages: It is inconvenient to dry clothes and it is not easy to blow dry clothes.  Can't lift, need to have auxiliary rod hanging clothes;  Not very good-looking, practicality is greater than beauty.

Installation method: fixed on the ceiling, clothes drying requires the aid of clothes drying fork.

Second, the lifting type clothes hanger:

Advantages: Lift drying racks are divided into hand-operated and electric drying racks and hand-operated drying racks.  The electric lifting clothes hanger has the functions of lighting, sterilization, cold and hot air and the like besides automatic lifting, and has good wind resistance and beautiful and elegant appearance.  The hand-cranked clothes hanger is simple to operate and can be used by the elderly and children.

Disadvantages: Electric lifting clothes hanger is expensive;  Hand crank is easy to break and has short service life.

Installation method: fixed on the ceiling, drying clothes up and down.

Third, telescopic drying rack:

The telescopic clothes hanger has the advantages that the telescopic clothes hanger does not occupy space, can fully enjoy sunshine, can move back and forth, can be suitable for indoor and outdoor drying, can be opened when in use, can be closed when not in use, and can be moved anytime and anywhere.

Disadvantages: insufficient bearing capacity, can be used as auxiliary, and can be selectively hung.

Installation method: It can be installed on walls, guardrails, French windows, security window, plastic steel and other places.

Fourth, floor type clothes hanger:

Advantages: foldable, cheap, convenient to dry, can be used with other types of clothes hangers.

Disadvantages: It takes up a lot of space when in use, and clothes that are long in the sun may mop the floor.

Installation method: it can be placed directly on the ground.

There are so many kinds of small drying racks. What kind of drying rack is good for balcony?  I believe that after reading this article, everyone will choose a drying rack according to their own situation.


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